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Faculty of Dental Medicine

   Arab physicians were well-known throughout history, but few people are aware that dentistry was one of their priorities. They excelled in that field and developed therapeutic methods that are still the foundation of many techniques that are used today. In his book Al-Hawi (The Comprehensive Book of Medicine), published in the 10th century, Ar-Razi mentioned some of these physicians. Numerous other physicians followed in their footsteps in the 11th century, among them Ali bin Al-Abbas and Abou Kassem Az-Zahrawi, and many others in later centuries.


   Today, following the astounding progress in dentistry, many specialized faculties have been established and many majors developed. Visiting the dentist is no longer a nightmare! Dentistry was established in the Lebanese University in 1983 under the aegis of the Faculty of Medical Sciences, before having an independent faculty in 1999. Even though it was new, it quickly made a name for itself of being in a prominent position among scientific and research communities. It is distinguished by highly effective education, and leaves a positive impact on Lebanese society, which benefits from its preventive and therapeutic services. The Faculty puts great focus on scientific research, considered the starting point for any progress in medical and professional practice.


The Faculty of Dental Medicine grants the following degrees:


Diploma in Dental Surgery.


Master degree in:

- Orthodontics

- Periodontology

- Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry and Endodontics

- Prosthodontics

- Oral Surgery

- Forensic Dentistry and Anthropology and Human Identification

- Pediatric Dentistry and Dental Public Health

- Oral Medicine and Maxillofacial Radiology


Master degree in Forensic Medical Investigations, Catastrophy and Crime Scene Management.


Specialized Doctorate in Dental Medicine.



Rafic Hariri Campus - Hadath


(+961) 5 463 514


(+961) 5 463 512


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