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Faculty of Dental Medicine
“He who does not research has nothing to teach”.
Prof Fouad Ayoub,
President,  Lebanese University
Former Dean, Faculty of Dental Medicine

The responsibility to place the Faculty of Dental Medicine on the map of the leading institutions in the field of research in Lebanon and the region is a burden and a challenge that I carried and accepted since the moment I handled the position of Dean of this prestigious faculty. The goals were to promote oral health by establishing a collaborative approach to patient care through research-oriented education.
In order to achieve these objectives, high standard education and state-of-the-art research were needed to be materialized by a core of well conversant and knowledgeable professors and educators. To supply them with the proper tools, a collaboration with CID-CIF was established through a series of lectures and workshops that were held on the 6th and 7th of November 2015.
The workshop was given by Professor Frédéric Cuisinier in the presence of Professor Charles Pilipili, president of the CID-CDF. Professor Cuisinier has a vast knowledge in bioengineering and nanotechnology research, and is the author and coauthor of many scientific manuscripts and publications. The first workshop was directed to help attendees evaluate the quality of scientific research, analyze and compose a scientific manuscript, systematize an appropriate bibliography, and avoid plagiarism. Another focus of the workshop was to introduce the appropriate approaches to get funding for a research project. The attendees included the faculty and staff of the Faculty of Dental Medicine at the Lebanese University.
The Lebanese University boasts a large research platform that is readily available to the faculty and students in 3 locations of the Doctoral School of Science and Technology; Hadath, Fanar and Tripoli. All three platforms comprise a vast array of equipment that can be used in dental research, as well as general scientific research in collaboration with the other faculties of the Lebanese University. Unfortunately, many of these technologies have not been correctly explored by our faculty members to take the best out of them in dental research projects at our faculty. To compensate for these delinquencies, a second workshop will be hosted at the Faculty of Dentistry in May, targeting in depth the proper operation of all the equipment present at these research facilities and familiarizing the personnel with its best indications and applications. Professor Frédéric Cuisinier generously agreed to return to Lebanon and conduct this workshop, with our faith in its constructive outcomes that will foster our research errand.

Believing in the importance of scientific research, the faculty launched its international scientific journal called "International Journal of Oral and Dental Sciences" IJODS.  The Journal publishes papers on research, clinical developments, clinical opinions and treatments as well as other key issues of relevance to dentistry. The Journal is distributed twice a year.
More details about the journal, research topics and publications can be found here.


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