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  Strategy of Development
Development Strategy for the Lebanese University

President of the Lebanese University
Adnan Essayed Hussein

I took office as President of the Lebanese University on October 4th, 2011 amid a state of utter chaos surrounding it. The same old questions remain regarding the future of the national university and the possibility of reforming and promoting the largest higher learning institution in Lebanon.

In my first official speech, after being named president of the university, I pointed out the importance of forming the Lebanese University Council in accordance with the law, i.e. appointing faculty deans by virtue of a decree issued by the Cabinet.

However, having elected the representative boards and named the nominees for deanship, the university still awaits such decree. Without a council, we cannot achieve the reform we aspire to nor straighten up our work like we hope to: the role of the Lebanese University demands it.

Despite this fact, we have been working on another front with the assigned deans, directors and a handful of competent faculty members. Below are some of our activities, followed by an overall development strategy for the university to be discussed by the University Council upon its formation.

To turn university works from circumstantial initiatives to concrete acts, a comprehensive strategy should be adopted to reform the university.

A development strategy should be adopted at the personnel and financial levels, covering the scope of university works of all branches and faculties, a strategy to keep the university national, regardless of its size and despite its academic and educational burdens.

This strategy should be one of welcoming modern sciences and knowledge, to adopt recent standards in order to achieve three main goals: academic freedom, top-notch higher education, and democracy of learning. Given the state of our university, and the phases it has gone through since its inception in 1951, continuously forming new faculties and units amid a never-ending struggle, we are in dire need of such a strategy.

However, the development strategy should come from the will of its staff and administration, particularly senior faculty members who helped expand and defend it. It should also be adopted by the University Council which we hope it be duly formed as soon as possible.

We hereby present the University President’s contribution in this context, based on personal experience and on meetings with the boards of different branches and faculties, as well as the historical experience of the university.

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