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  University Strategy  

No strategy for the development of the Lebanese University can be separated from the comprehensive political approach that the Country is supposed to adopt in terms of national education, higher education and scientific research.


Since the breakthrough and advancement level of the nations is measured by their level of education, the Lebanese University is working on developing plans and strategies to enhance its education system, in coordination between its President and Council, deans, directors, professors and staff. This enhancement will be reflected by opening new disciplines that meet the needs of the labor market and society.


Based on the principle that every student has the right to an advanced level of knowledge, the University does not stop at providing higher education to its students. Rather, it continues to improve the quality of education enhanced through its independence, while adopting information technology and placing it in the service of the students and administrative staff.


Raising the value of the budget" is the cornerstone providing support to the Lebanese University in order to complete the achievement of its enhanced strategy, which is summarized as follows:


1- Strengthening research and studies and intensifying the standards and methodological specifications to protect the quality of research and reinforce the academic ranks;


2- Completing the university compounds in the different governorates, namely in Akkar, Hermel and Byblos (Jbeil);


3- Handling the file of trainers and redistribute them commensurate with the need of faculties, and officially enroll those who are qualified through a restricted competition organized by the Civil Service Council, and then perform an open competition by the Council itself to complete the needs of the University staff;


4- Regulating the administrative status, adopting new systems that contribute to speeding up processes, automating information, linking the faculties’ administrations to the Central Administration and rationalizing spending;


5- Organizing the Doctoral Schools and raising the level of research and management therein taking into account the need of the labor market;


6- Activating external relations, concluding agreements with Arab and foreign universities and institutions, and forming committees to coordinate such relations;


7- Following up the file of qualified professors who are entitled to full-time, and setting the criteria based on which the new full-time professors will be accepted;


8- Holding scientific conferences and specialized seminars, and turning their recommendations and decisions into work projects and plans.

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