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Faculty of Dental Medicine


The FDM of the LU aims to prepare students in the field of dentistry through the following:

  • Prepare and develop academic and clinical programs based on the science of evidence and critical thinking.
  • Ensure an administrative and academic culture in accordance with quality standards.
  • Promote scientific research and continuing education.
  • Help raising the level of health and preventive education in the Lebanese society.


The FDM of the LU aims to distinguish itself in the preparation of specialists (generalists) in the field of dentistry in Lebanon in accordance with the highest international standards to ensure their integration into the international recognized societies accreditation ranks.


Among the objectives of the faculty we can mention:

  • Improve of academic programs through an annual review based on course evaluation.
  • Strength of the educational environment which encourages innovation and constant improvement, through a minimum publication of 20 articles annually.
  •  Emphasize competence in curriculum standards: at least 80% of these skills must be achieved.
  • Encourage an environment of education and purpose that enhances critical thinking and prepares graduates to become lifelong learning enthusiasts.
  • Simplification of the academic accreditation process, in particular with regard to the essential criteria for evaluating the quality of educational programs. For this, a quality estimation strategy will be established.
  • Masters students will be required to attend weekly literature review sessions as well as at least annual continuing education.

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