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President's Word at the 67th Anniversary of the University

On the 67th Anniversary of the Lebanese University

Supporting Innovation in the University



On the occasion of the 67th Anniversary of the University, it is necessary to recall the founders of the first faculties who contributed to the scientific heritage, and the seniors who passed away, including recently, the former minister, Professor Hassan Moucharrafieh, whose name is associated with the Faculty of Sciences and whose fingerprints remain firmly embedded within its hallways.


May God have mercy on his soul and his family


Innovation is the high-level objective of the Lebanese University on its 67th anniversary; meaning that the University has assumed the responsibility of innovating at the national level. The continuous achievements of the students reflected in every field of research and knowledge emphasizes on the leading positions held by the graduates in Lebanon, the Arab world and all over the world. The scientific and research staff, including 3,000 full-time professors and 3,000 hourly professors enlisted in the University, have gathered their knowledge from more than 400 of the world's most prestigious universities, and dedicated their efforts to the leading role of the Lebanese University. In order to keep pace with the scientific development, the Lebanese University has been strengthening ties since its creation, with various universities and research centers in developed countries, concluding around 300 cooperation agreements to exchange expertise, programs, professors and students and conducting research in various fields.


The Lebanese University has set the objective to modernize its curricula in line with the current requirements in order to create a thinker, systematic, future-planning and advanced human being who will contribute to the building of society and the nation. This objective derives from the previous ones set sixty-seven years ago, the skills that have graduated, the achievements in the sustainable and unsustainable development, the ambitions bestowed on its cadres, and the role it has and will have despite all the challenges faced. Therefore, the Lebanese University is promoting scientific research and currently funding 730 research projects on which about half of the Teaching Staff, as well as hundreds of assisting students are working in research centers at the University and abroad. The competition between universities today revolve around innovation, society development, cultural diffusion and elite recognition through all means including lectures, workshops, scientific and research events and others. The University should be given high priority as it attracts a large number of young people, being the reliable sector for the development of societies, namely 79,000 who constitute half of the higher education students in Lebanon undergoing preparatory training and educational qualification. It should be noted that the University is qualified to manage and develop Innovation skills within its faculties, based on the knowledge acquired during the past sixty-seven years.


The economic crisis we are suffering from today requires us as a national University to promote society and enhance a comprehensive development on both economic and social levels, through cultural and innovation diffusion among the members of society. Therefore, we must pursue the development of our educational and research tools and programs to introduce the concept of innovation in our teaching system, and this is a global trend that developed countries follow to reduce the crisis of unemployment and brain drain. There is no doubt that the University is undergoing unusual conditions due to reasons we are all aware of. There is the full-time employment issue that we have been working and following up on for a while now to formalize it by serving the objectives of the University and granting the right to those who own it. We assert that we support the professors to acquire their full rights that they should have acquired long time ago, while taking into account the interests and future of our students, ensuring the continuation of the academic year and not delaying the completion of their annual programs, which results in the delay of the final examinations this year. The innovation we are looking forward to achieve in our University requires our attention at all levels. Hence, we are closely following-up on the issue of trainers, because it is a must to assure this group of workers and instill stability and reassurance about their future.


On this occasion, I call upon all employees to support the transformation of the Lebanese University into a leading and innovative organization by building the students' leadership skills and competencies. And this is possible only if we develop our teaching and research methods in order to enhance the competitiveness of the Lebanese University graduates in both, the local and international labor market. On the occasion of the 67th Anniversary of the University, we look forward to strengthening partnership and exchange of expertise among researchers at the Lebanese University and the private and public sectors, as the University is qualified to produce projects that serve both sectors. This partnership is essential to support innovative projects and innovators themselves. Therefore, I invite all parties to support the University and consolidate its budget and scientific skills by hiring teachers, with advanced skills, who wish to become full-timers. The more we support the University, the more it will be able to produce innovative projects in which we can invest. This is reflected positively on the increased investment opportunities that Lebanon seeks to attract today through international conferences, knowing that the University is the foundation to solving economic and cultural problems and a pillar in social and civilizational development.


On this occasion, I would also like to address our dear students and tell you to be sure that the academic training you are receiving at your faculties and institutes will grant you, as graduates of the Lebanese University, a high self-confidence, because innovation is distinguished by promoting self-esteem, self-confidence, nurturing individual talents, creativity and the desire to achieve. I am more proud that your self-confidence has allowed you to achieve success all around the world and add cultural, scientific and economic value from the intellectual knowledge that motivated you to excel. We are confident that each and every student and researcher at the Lebanese University, will take part in the creation of innovative projects in Lebanon and worldwide… And as part of a new tradition that the Lebanese University will adopt from now on, leaders will be recognized for their excellence in the fields of knowledge and in their homeland.


Long live our National University and our Beloved Country!

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