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  International Relations Office


International Relations committee:


General Coordinator: Pr. Zeinab Saad



Dr. Ziad Salameh

Dr. Badya Mazboudi




Address: Lebanese University – Central Administration, Museum Square, 5th floor


P.O.Box. 14/6573


Landline: +961 1 612 815


List of Collaboration and Agreements between the Lebanese University and partners Institutions


International Relations Office (IRO) at the Lebanese University - Central Administration


The International Relations Office (IRO) at the Lebanese University supports the University's strategy to enhance cooperation and exchange expertise and cultures in various fields of higher education with local, Arab and international universities.

In this regard, the International Relations Office (IRO) promotes the exchange of researchers, professors, students and staff, develops bilateral and multilateral cooperation agreements, participates in international research and studies projects, prepares European projects, joins international organizations and networks for higher education and participates in the organization of international cultural and scientific events (seminars, conferences, reception of delegations ...).


A- Cooperation agreements with universities:


The IRO facilitates the conclusion of new scientific cooperation agreements with local and international universities and renewal of expired agreements. The number of agreements concluded is currently 340, including 150 agreements signed since 2017.

The Lebanese University cooperates with local and international universities through the conclusion of framework agreements to regulate the general provisions of this cooperation, such as the exchange of professors, students, experts, teaching and training programs, modern technologies, and joint supervision of master's thesis and doctoral dissertations. The international universities include, for example, but not limited to the French, Italian, Spanish, Belgian, Swiss, American, Russian, Ukrainian, Bulgarian, Lithuanian, Romanian, Iranian, Chinese, Turkish, Moroccan, Algerian, Tunisian, and Jordanian universities.


B- Cooperation agreements with Lebanese ministries, municipalities and bodies:


The aim of these agreements is to strengthen cooperation with national or international institutions operating in Lebanon and local community organizations in order to open the horizons of training and work for our students and secure scholarships and others. Among the agreements:

§  Agreement with the Center for Educational Research and Development (CERD), signed on 26 April 2018, to develop educational programs and higher education;

§  Agreement with the National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the Francophone University Association (AUF), signed on 23 February 2018, to provide joint grants to doctoral students;

§  Agreement with the Ministry of Public Health, signed on 5 May 2018, to train students of the Faculty of Medical Sciences on programs for family medicine in the Ministry;

§  Agreement with the Ministry of Youth & Sports and UNICEF, signed on 11 July 2018, to establish and equip GIL laboratories within the Generation Pioneering Ideas Program in three branches of the Lebanese University;

§  A cooperation agreement with Nudge Lebanon, signed on 17 January 2019, to exchange programs on behavioral economics and nudge process at the University to support the capacities of students, professors and participants in these programs and establish a behavioral economic laboratory at the Lebanese University;

§  Agreement with Challenge to Change, signed on 11 August 2018, to develop training programs at the Center of Profession, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Centre MINE). The agreement aims to support the innovation capabilities of young women at the University in the economic sector and exchange new technologies in order to facilitate their participation in the labor market and provide them with the required expertise.

§  Agreement with the Association of Business Men and Women (RDCL) in the world, signed on 18 September 2018, to support the Lebanese University, strengthen the relationship between the universities and institutions, and provide job opportunities for Lebanese University students in the Lebanese and foreign markets;

§  Agreement with the Municipality of Tripoli, signed on 17 May 2018, to exchange expertise and training in environmental, engineering and social programs;

§  Agreement with the Municipality of Zgharta-Ehden, signed on 31 May 2018, to exchange expertise and training in environmental, engineering and social programs.


C- Development of the work with the French Institute:


§  The IRO is keen to pursue cooperation with the French Institute and constantly develop this cooperation. It aims to support the students and benefit from the grants allocated for this purpose within the programs of the French Institute, and support visiting professors from universities that work within the framework of agreements for the development of scientific exchange, training of students and joint supervision of masters and dissertations.

§  Cooperate with the French Ministry of Education to activate the work within the programs of quality assurance and accreditation of the University and academic programs in the faculties, in addition to the financial support of the French Institute for the project of evaluation and accreditation by the Higher Council for Evaluation of Research and Higher Education (HCERES).

§  Scholarships offered by the French Institute for the Eight First Students in the Faculty of Pedagogy and the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences for the purpose of conducting language training through advanced educational programs at the French Cavilam de Vichy.

§  Establishment of joint doctoral grants known as SAFAR.


D- Enhancing cooperation with the Francophone University Association (AUF)


The Lebanese University signed a cooperation agreement on 23 February 2018, with the Francophone University Association (AUF) and the National Council for Scientific Research (CNRS) to:

§  Secure joint financial support to joint doctoral students in various specializations;

§  Secure financial support for the evaluation and approval of the curricula of the Faculty of Engineering by the Commission des titres d'ingénieur (CTI) France;

§  Secure financial support from the Francophonie University Association (AUF) for a large number of conferences held at the Lebanese University;

§  Enhance the participation of researchers and professors in the various scientific and cultural programs adopted by the Francophonie University Association (AUF);

§  Strengthen cooperation between the Lebanese University and the Francophonie University Association (AUF) to hold lectures and prepare seminars.

§  The Lebanese University cooperates with the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) in Lebanon to support the doctoral school and PhD students in Literature, Humanities & Social Sciences, and with UNICEF to audit the administrative work of the Central Administration within an agreement signed on 19 December 2018.

§  The Lebanese University collaborates with the European Union to activate ERASMUS+, and is currently involved in more than 65 European projects. This year, the University submitted more than 50 project proposals for the creation of joint masters with European universities and exchange of students.


Among the most important projects recently obtained by the University:


§  Free” project to improve the role of women in higher education with the Mediterranean universities;

§  Morale” project to develop curricula and the role of institutions of higher education in helping Syrian students in universities;

§  HEBA” project to develop high-quality energy and utility programs;

§  Digital” project to improve the digital education methods in the health fields in Lebanon and Syria;

§  LEBPASS” project to conceptualize certificate appendices.


The following projects are also in progress:


§  TLQAA+ project which aims to propose and establish frameworks for the recognition and equivalence of national certificates according to internationally adopted recognition and quality systems;

§  HOPES” project related to support higher education for Syrian refugees and Lebanese students;

§  HEEAP” project in collaboration with the British Council to support English language education;

§  The scholarship program launched by MADAD Fund with 4 partners in addition to Lebanon, Egypt, Northern Iraq, Jordan and Turkey;

§  E-TALEB” project on professional standards for university education;

§  RESUME” project, which includes a number of Arab and European universities (UNIMED);

§  “RESCUE” project on higher education for Syrian refugees and their enrollment in the university.


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