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Faculty of Pharmacy


   Pharmaceutical sciences constitute a discipline that studies the reaction between active materials and the living body for therapeutic purposes.

They form a complementary, indispensable part of medical sciences. The Faculty of Pharmacy at the Lebanese University became independent in 1993; 10 years after it was established back in 1983 as a department in the Faculty of Medical Sciences.


The current number of students enrolled in this faculty is 419 students.

The Faculty of Pharmacy seeks to provide qualified professionals to work in pharmacies, pharmaceutical industries and hospitals.

It also endeavors to meet the increasing needs for competent pharmaceutical professionals by keeping up with the advancement of pharmaceutical sciences around the world.


On September 10, 2004, the establishment of the national drug monitoring centre in the Faculty of Pharmacy was authorized.



Diploma of Doctor in Pharmacy Practice


Diploma of Doctor in Pharmacy:

- Pharm D

- Clinical Pharmacy

- Community Pharmacy

- Hospital Pharmacy


Professional Master Degree in:

- Clinical Pharmacy

- Pharmaceutical industry

- Industrial Cosmetics and Dermopharmacy

- Pharmaceutical MBA


Research Master Degree in:

- Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacoepidemiology

- Pharmacology and Toxicology

- Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.



Rafic Hariri University Campus – Hadath


(+961) 5 463 362


(+961) 5 463 312

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