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  Student affairs

Students are the heart of the Faculty of Pharmacy. Their education and wellbeing are at the center of our efforts. Students at the Faculty of Pharmacy have rights and obligations. They are guided through their pathways.

·       Declaration of Students’ Rights (F + E)

·       Students’ Guide 2020 (F + E)

·       Professional Outcomes 2020 (F + E)

·       Thesis Guide DPP (F + E)

·       Thesis Guide PharmD (F + E)

·       Exams Charter (F + E)


Students are entitled for regular para-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The PHARMACLUB, the pharmacy students’ ALUMNI, substantially contributes to those activities



Curriculum Doctor of Pharmacy Practice DPP

Curriculum PharmD Hospital

Curriculum PharmD Clinical

Curriculum PharmD Community


Internships (Training)

Pharmacy is a profession: its education heavily relies on real-life internships, in pharmaceutical institutions, Internships should be performed according to the following Rotation Manuals:

Community training 2 DPP (F + E)

Community training 3 DPP (F + E)

Community training 4 DPP (F + E)

Community training 5 DPP (F + E)

Clinical training 5 DPP (F + E)

PharmD Hospital (F + E)

PharmD Clinical (F + E)

PharmD Community (F + E)

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