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Faculty of Pharmacy


The Faculty of Pharmacy was established on 12 October 1983 as one of the branches of the Faculty of Medical Sciences. Thereafter, a decree was issued to establish it as an independent Faculty with two branches (1 & 2) on 13 October 1993 which were later merged into one in 1996.

The Faculty’s mission is to secure higher education, conduct research in the specialization of pharmacy, and organize training courses and conferences for pharmacy personnel.

Available Specializations


1.     Diploma of Doctor in Pharmacy Practice

2.     Diploma of Doctor in Pharmacy (additional year)

Master’s Degree

1.     Professional Master’s in Clinical Pharmacy

2.     Professional Master’s in Pharmaceutical Industry

3.     Professional Master’s in Pharmaceutical MBA

4.     Professional Master’s in Industrial Cosmetics and Dermopharmacy (joint with the Faculty of Pharmacy in the University Saint-Joseph of Beirut)

5.     Research Master’s in Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacoepidemiology

6.     Research Master’s in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

7.     Research Master’s in Pharmacology and Toxicology

Successive Directors

·       Dr. Fouad Gharra: 1984 – 1986

·       Dr. Ziad Zeidan: 1986 – 1993 (Branch 1)

·       Dr. Anwar Bekhazi: 1986 – 1993 (Branch 2)

·       Dr. Walid Hamdan: 1993 – 1996 (Branch 1)

·       Dr. Ghabi Khalaf: 1993 – 1996 (Branch 2)

Successive Deans:

·       Prof. Mounir Abou Assali (Founding Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences and the Faculty of Pharmacy): 1984 – 1993

·       Prof. Aref Dia: 1997 – 2001

·       Prof. Aziz Gahchan: 2001 – 2006

·       Prof. Marie Tueni: 2008 – 2013

·       Prof. Pascale Salameh: 2013 – 2014

·       Prof. Wafaa Al Bawab: 2014 – 2017

·       Prof. Assem Al Qaq: 2018 – to date


Historical Background

     The Faculty of Pharmacy is part of the Lebanese University, the only public university in Lebanon

     Through the Decree number 1118 (1983), pharmacy was a department of the Faculty of Medical Sciences

     According to the Decree number 4142, 1993, the Faculty of Pharmacy became autonomous

     In line with the Bologna process, the Lebanese University adopted the LMD system (Decree number 14840, 2005); and started its application (Decree number 2225, 2009).

     It is located at Rafic Hariri University Campus, Hadat, Mount-Lebanon


What do we offer?

Several possible tracks

The competencies that we provide to you fulfill the international requirements; this will guarantee to you the possibility of working all over the world…

You could choose to become a community pharmacist (in a normal pharmacy), a hospital pharmacist, a clinical pharmacist or an industrial pharmacist; you can also choose to become a manager of a pharmaceutical society. 

For higher degrees, several professional masters’ programs are available, in the different cited above fields. It would also be possible for you to obtain higher degrees in many pharmaceutical research fields (research master and PhD).  


Highly specialized instructors

We require instructors to hold a PhD for all theoretical courses, ensuring a solid knowledge pedestal to our students.

For practical applications, we require the instructor to hold high level professional titles (PharmD & Master); this will allow you to profit to the maximum of their practical experience, and to achieve the competencies of the Nine Star Pharmacist, as required by the International Pharmaceutical Federation.


A curriculum in two languages: french and english

The Faculty of Pharmacy at the Lebanese University is the only faculty of pharmacy in Lebanon including two sections, French and English. The number of students is never above 50 per theoretical class, and 20 per laboratory session for practical works.

After passing the first year either at the Faculty of Sciences of the Lebanese University or at a faculty of pharmacy at any other university, the access to the Faculty of Pharmacy is possible after presenting an entrance exam to the second year of studies.

The total number of years, including the first year before the entrance exam, is five: it leads to the Degree of Doctor of Pharmacy Practice (DPP).

A sixth year for obtaining a master degree (M2) or the Degree of Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) is optional. 


What else?

The possibility to become a researcher

We distinguish ourselves through a high number of researchers that are highly active in research.

This ensures an environment where the student would be initiated to research; some students may even have the chance to get a PhD, the highest degree in pharmacy education, with the research teams present at the faculty. 


Excellence scholarships for specialized higher education

We offer excellence scholarships, allowing the best students to specialize abroad, mainly in Europe.

In addition, there is a possibility to pursue a PhD project, in a joint framework with a local or international university.  


Community Services Centers

1.    Lebanese Food, Drugs and Chemical Administration (LFDCA): It is a Center for Food, water and medications quality assessment, in collaboration with ministries, other public and private institutions

2.    Pharmacovigilance Center: Pharmacovigilance and vaccinovigilance, in collaboration with the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health

3.    DIGIHEALTH Teaching & Learning Center: Center for Teaching & Learning digital methods, in collaboration with private universities


Additional information is available at:

Main Branch


Faculty of pharmacy Building, Rafic Hariri University Campus - Hadath


(+961) 5 463 362


(+961) 5 463 312


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