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كلية الآداب والعلوم الإنسانية في مؤتمر" التعليم الجامعي استراتيجية وطنية لبناء ... "
 مكتب لبنان لاتحاد الأكاديميين والعلماء العرب نظّم مؤتمرًا بعنوان " التعليم الجامعي استراتيجية وطنية لبناء اقتصاد المعرفة في العالم العربي &... (Read more...)

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Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences

   The Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences (FLHS) was among the first faculties to be established by the Lebanese university, in 1959. It currently has around 17,630 students enrolled and 5 branches in four provinces (Mount Lebanon, South Lebanon, Bekaa and North Lebanon) and the capital Beirut, covering all Lebanese territories. It also includes two centers, the Center for Languages and Translation and the Center for Language Sciences and Communication.


   The Faculty's aim is providing all enrolled students with high-quality, specialized education, as well as expertise and scientific and technical knowledge to successfully go into the job market, in both public and private sectors. It also focuses on scientific research and literary and artistic creativity, to contribute in the development of the Lebanese society, promote its cultural openness and expand the prospects of cultural cooperation with other countries.


The Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences grants the Bachelor and Diploma degrees, in addition to Professional and Research Master Degrees in the following majors:


Deanery and Faculty branches:

- Arabic Language and Literature

- French Language and Literature

- English Language and Literature

- Persian Language and Literature

- History

- Geography

- Arts and Archeology

- Philosophy

- Psychology


Center for Language Sciences and Communication:

Bachelor Degree in: Comparative Linguistics Engineering

Research Master in: Computational Linguistics

Professional Master in: Language Industry and Teaching Practice


Center for Languages and Translation:

Bachelor Degree in: Translation – Applied Living Languages

(Spanish – Chinese – Italian)


Research Master Degree in:

Translation Studies – Intercultural Communication


Professional Master Degree in:

Translation – Interpretation – Arabic as a Foreign and Applied Language – International Commercial Negotiation.


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