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Faculty of Agronomy

   Agriculture was the first activity, after gathering and hunting, carried out by humanity to sustain itself. Today, however, agriculture has become a science in its own right. It faces increasing challenges, such as population growth, global warming, environmental pollution, and genetically modified food (GMO), to name a few.


   The Lebanese University had to respond to these challenges by establishing the Faculty of Agriculture in 1974. Unfortunately, classes did not begin until the beginning of 1985-1986 academic year. Its two branches were merged in 1996 and include 923 students today.


   The mission of the Faculty of Agriculture is to prepare qualified professionals in agriculture, based on scientific and practical research, to support sustainable agricultural development, resolve environmental problems and preserve the ecological system.


   The Faculty of Agronomy grants the following degrees:


Bachelor Degree in:

- Plant Production

- Plant Protection

- Animal Science & Technology

- Food Science & Technology

- Environmental engineering & Natural Resources

- Agroeconomy & Rural Development

- Landscaping


Bachelor Degree in:

- Domestic Animals

- Ruminants

- Poultry

- Horses & Domestic Farm animals

- Food & Abattoir Control


- Professional Master Degree in Agricultural Engineering;

- Diploma of Specialized Study in Veterinary Sciences;

- Diploma & Master Degree in Veterinary Medicine.




(+961) 1 484 130-1


(+961) 1 510 870

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