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Faculty of Engineering

 The Faculty of Engineering at the Lebanese University was the third Faculty of Engineering established in Lebanon, and the ninth faculty at the Lebanese University. In 1974, the date of its inception, it became one of the first faculties to choose students based on an entrance exam. The Faculty currently has 2,452 students enrolled in three branches, alongside the Deanery.

The Faculty of Engineering welcomes elite students from all social groups, providing world-class majors in all the fields of engineering.

The Faculty is committed to keeping up with the progress in this field through scientific research. It is also keen on meeting the needs of the local, regional and international job markets where its graduates have achieved great success.

The Faculty of Engineering grants the following degrees:

Master Degree in Engineering in :

- Civil Engineering: Structures – Public works – Public Works and Geotechnics – Public Works & Structures – Building & Urbanism – Public Works & Hydraulics

- Electrical and Electronic Engineering: Industrial digital Control – Power & Control – Computer & Communications

-  Mechanical Engineering: Construction & Energy – Construction – Energy

-  Industrial Chemistry and  Petrochemical Engineering;

- Research Master in: Industrial Control – Telecommunications and Networks Security – Méchanics – Renewable Energy – Technology of Medical and Industrial Systems – Hydrosciences – Civil Engineering

- Specialized Master in: Highway Transportation and Traffic Engineering



 Rafic Hariri University Campus – Hadas

Tel: 05/463489

Fax: 05/463419

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