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Faculty of Engineering
Branch 2

   The Lebanese University – Faculty of Engineering was established pursuant to Decree 9305 dated 21 October 1974. The actual teaching in Branch 2 began during the academic year 1979-1980 under the management of Prof. Jack Nasr acting as Faculty Dean and Prof. Akram Ghorayeb acting as Branch Director, followed by seven other directors. Branch 2 includes three specializations (Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical & Electronic Engineering). A new specialization (Industrial Chemistry & Petrochemical Engineering) was created in the academic year 2014-2015.


   The Faculty includes four specializations:


1- Civil Engineering

2- Electrical-Electronic Engineering

3- Mechanical Engineering

4- Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering.


In turn, it was run by the following directors:


- Dr. Akram Ibrahim Ghorayeb


- Dr. Marwan Chokri Rassi


- Dr. Charbel Nemtallah Kfoury


- Dr. Elias Philippe Hachem


- Dr. Marleine Emile Kordahi


- Dr. Michel Farid El-Khoury


- Dr. Assad Iskandar Kallasi




Adresse :

Collège des Sœurs Antonines – Roumieh - Metn

Téléphone :

(+961) 4 872 205/6/7/8/9/10

Fax :

Extension : 1150-1151

Courriel :


P.O. Box: 27622319

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