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Faculty of Engineering
Branch 3

   The Lebanese University – Faculty of Engineering (Branch 3) was established in 1980 as the third Faculty of Engineering in Lebanon.

It is faculty of applied studies to which students are enrolled after sitting for a Competitive Entrance Exam (CEE). The Faculty accepts around 300 students yearly distributed between the French and English sections. The study period is five years at the end of which the student obtains the Engineering diploma.


The Faculty includes four specializations:


1- Civil Engineering

2- Electrical-Electronic Engineering

3- Mechanical Engineering

4- Chemical and Petrochemical Engineering.


In turn, it was run by the following directors:


- Dr. Bilal Abdallah Olayli


- Dr. Hicham Hussni Al-Hassan


- Dr. Imad Mahmoud Mogharbel


- Dr. Jamal Ahmad Al-Hout


- Dr. Mohamad Ahmad Hamdan


- Dr. Khaled Mohamad Al-Tawil


- Dr. Yehia Anis Daou





Rafic Hariri University Campus - Hadath

Landline :

(+961) 5 463 470

Fax :

(+961) 5 463 470

E-mail :


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