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The Bachelor Degree includes the following specializations:

1- Hotel Management

2- Travel and Tourism

3- Tourist Guidance

In order to enroll for the first year of the Bachelor Degree, the student shall:

1- Be holder of the Lebanese Baccalaureate or the Technical Baccalaureate or the official equivalent thereof, in accordance with decision No. 20/2008 (the holders of a technical baccalaureate may enroll in higher education specializations);

2- Have succeeded the Competitive Entrance Exam (CEE) organized for this purpose and which the conditions thereof are identified by a decision of the University Council, upon the proposal of the Faculty Council.


The entrance exam referred to above is comprised of the following exams for all specializations:

1- Oral competence test

2- Written test for the candidates who succeeded the oral test. The test includes the following materials:

- Text anaylis in Arabic

- Text anaylis in a foreign language (French or English)

- Analysis of practical capabilities


For more information kindly contact: (+961) 1 857 285

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