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Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture

   The Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture was established in 1965, and has evolved into 4 branches, in addition to two departments, the Urbanism Department and the Restoration Department. It currently has around 2,930 students.


   The goals of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture are closely linked to all civilized, human phenomena. Indeed, its majors reflect the true civilized face of any society, whether for present or future generations. The greatness of all civilizations has historically been measured by the artistic works contributed to humanity and human legacy.


   The Faculty develops architects, interior designers, painters, directors and actors…

Admission Requirements:


1-Candidates must have the Lebanese High-School Diploma PartII (The Lebanese Baccalaureate), or its equivalent.


2-Candidates must complete successfully the written entrance examination conducted annually by the faculty.


The Faculty grants the following diplomas:


Bachelor and Master:

1- Architecture.

2- Interior Design.

3- Fine Arts.

4- Theater.

5- Audiovisual.

6- Graphic Design.


Specialized Master:

1- Urbanism.

2- Landscaping.

3- Scenography.

4- Restoration.


Master of Research:

1- Architecture and Landscaping.


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Furn Al Chebbak


(+961) 1 384 091


(+961) 1 384 096


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