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Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture


The Faculty of Fine Arts & Architecture was established under Decree No. 3107 dated 10 November 1965 under the name "Institute of Fine Arts". The name of the faculty was then modified to "Faculty of Fine Arts & Architecture" under Decree No. 1065 dated 14 July 2017.

The Institute of Fine Arts was launched since its establishment from the Grand Serail building in Downtown Beirut. Following the outbreak of the civil war in 1975, Branch 1 opened in Raouché and Branch 2 in Furn El Chebbak. The Institute of Fine Arts started in Tripoli as a section in 1980 to become Branch 3 in 1985, and Branch 4 was opened in Deir El Qamar in 1986.

The “Center for Restoration and Preservation of Monuments and Historic Sites” established under Decree No. 11342 of 19 July 1997 is affiliated to the faculty. The Center seeks to achieve a number of goals, including making cities and human settlements comprehensive, safe, flexible and sustainable.

Available Specializations

Bachelor’s Degree

1.     Architecture

2.     Interior Design

3.     Fine Arts

4.     Theater

5.     Theater and Audiovisual

6.     Graphic Design, Sketching and Visual Communication


Master’s Degree

1.     Architecture

2.     Interior Design

3.     Fine Arts

4.     Graphic Design, Sketching and Visual Communication

5.     Theater Directing

6.     Actor Training

7.     Film Directing

8.     Cinematography

9.     Fine Arts - Mural Arts (available in Branch 3)



General conditions + Competitive Entrance Exam (CEE)


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Furn Al Chebbak


(+961) 1 384 091


(+961) 1 384 096


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