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Director's Office
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Faculty of Science
Branch 5
Branch Academics
Department of Mathematics: Pr. Ayman Ibrahim Kachmar, Chef de Département

Division Council Members: - Dr. Khalil Abdel Wahab Maatouk, - Dr. Ali Hassan Tarhini, - Dr. Mohamad Ayad Wehbe, - Dr. Ali Abdel Hussein Kansou, - Dr. Ali Abbas Chouman, - Dr. Bilal Abdel Hussein Kansou.

Department of Earth and life sciences: Dr. Yolla Majed El Makhour, Chef de Département

Phone: (+961) 7 761 980 ext: 117

Division Council Members: - Dr. Rima Mohamad Tahssildar, - Dr. Hiba Hassan Noureddine, - Pr. Ali Khalil Atwi, - Pr. Sadek Nayef Awad, - Dr. Ali Mostafa Bazzi, - Dr. Ali Jamil Mhanna.

Department of Physics: Dr. Youssef Hussein Haidar, Chef de Département

Phone: (+961) 7 767 980 ext: 115

Division Council Members: - Dr. Mohamad Ismail Tawbe, - Dr. Hussein Ali Fahs, - Dr. Khalil Ibrahim Abou Saleh, - Dr. Hussein Ibrahim Rammal, - Dr. Mohamad Abdelamir El-Hajj, - Dr. Hussein ali Youssef.

Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry: Pr. Marwan Wafic Kobeissy, Chef de Département
Phone: (+961) 7 765 980 ext: 134

Division Council Members: - Dr. Rabab Adel Noun, - Dr. Elias Nayef Saab, - Dr. Zahi Ali Khalil, - Pr. Khalil Hassan Cherry, - Dr. Aida Mahmoud Ibrik, - Dr. Mariam Ahmad Akil.

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