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Faculty of Science

   One of the first and largest Lebanese University faculties, the Faculty of Sciences was established in 1959. In the 1970s, it was the core around which Rafik Hariri University Campus, the largest Campus of the Lebanese University, was built in Hadath. It currently has 14,285 students.

   The Faculty is divided into five branches in five governorates, in addition to the sections in Akkar, Baalbeck, Bint-Jbeil, Byblos (Jbeil), Dibbiyeh and Tyre (Sour).

It adopts continuously updated scientific programs to provide the job market with distinguished graduates. It diligently develops knowledge through learning, scientific research laboratories, research teams, and higher education programs.


The Faculty of Sciences grants:


License in:

Chemistry - Biochemistry - Earth and Life sciences – Geology – Mathematics - Computer Sciences - Statistics - Physics - Chemistry - Electronics - Geosciences - Option: Petroleum Geology


Master 1 in:

Mathematics – Statistics - Computer Science - Physics: Energetics - Fundamental Physics - High Energy Physics – Hydrodynamics – Physics - Electronics: Electronics - Instrumentation & Industrial Automation – Telecom;

- Biology: Applied Animal Science - Plant Biology and Environment - Plant Science and Environment - Cellular and Molecular Biology - Environmental and life Sciences - Option : Animal -  Environmental and life Sciences - Option : Vegetal - Environmental and life Sciences - Option : Geology - Biodiversity : Management and Conservation of Natural Resources - Cell Biology and Physiology ;

- Chemistry: Physical Chemistry and Chemistry of Materials - Molecular Chemistry - Analytical Sciences - Environmental Science

- Biochemistry


Professional Master 1 & 2 in:

Biology and Marketing -  Nutrition, Dietetics and Food Service - Norms and Technology Management - Mathematics for Finance and Actuarial Sciences - Telecommunication Systems & Computer Networks - Healthcare Management and Quality - Applied Chemistry - Option: Refining and Hydrocarbon Technologies - Lasers and Ionizing Radiations : safety and Protection – Biostatistics

- Biomedical Physics: M1 Biomedical Physics - M2 Pro Medical Physics and Imaging Technologies - M2R Medical Physics and Life Imaging;

- Geosciences: M1 Geosciences: Geo resources - M1 Geosciences: Environmental Geosciences - M2Pro Geosciences: Petroleum Geosciences - M2R Geosciences: Environmental Geosciences;


Professional Master 2 in:

Game Design & Development – Cybersecurity – Biostatistics – Statistics - WEB Development - Software Engineering - Audio-Visual Engineering - Industrial Electronics – Energetics - Phyto-ecology : Resources, Security and Applications - Biodiversity: Management and Conservation of Natural resources - Human Molecular Diagnostics - Molecular Diagnostic and Forensic Sciences - Reproduction and Development - Stem Cells, organogenesis and Regenerative Medicine - Expertise and Treatment in Environment - Analytical sciences - Chemical Industrial Analysis - Materials and Applications - Technology of Perfumes, Cosmetics and Dyes - Food: Formulation and Security - Behavioral and Cognitive Neurosciences - Petrochemical Analysis;


Research Master 2 in:

Differential Geometry and Geometric Control - Algebra and Discrete Mathematics - Mathematics and Applications - Partial Differential Equations and Numerical Analysis - Information and Decision Support Systems - Computer Science and Telecommunication - Computer Science and Risk Management - Signal, Telecommunications, Image and Speech – Microwave - Microsystems and embedded systems - Subatomic Physics - Condensed Matter - Laser and Material - Nanosciences and Functional Materials - Chemistry and Biology of Bioactive Molecules – Hydrosciences - Molecular Inorganic Chemistry - Organic Molecular Chemistry - Industrial Analysis - Physical Chemistry of materials - Physical chemistry, Materials and Catalysis – Oncology – Immunology - Molecular Biology - Genomics and Health - Applied Plant Biotechnology - Marine Biology and Ecology - Physiology, Epigenetics, Development and Cell Differentiation -Geosciences option: Petroleum Geosciences - Geosciences option: Environmental Geosciences - Structural Biochemistry: Interactions and communications of macromolecules - Synthesis, Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry - Physics of the Radiation-Matter Interaction - Fundamental and Applied Mathematics - Cooperation in Information Processing Sciences ;


For more details, please visit the Faculty page:




Rafic Hariri University Campus, Hadath


(+961) 5 460 313


Branch 1 Branch 2 Branch 3 Branch 4 Branch 5 Debiyeh Section Amchit Section Halba - Akkar Section Baalbak Section Bent Jbeil Section Tyr Section
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