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Faculty of Medical Sciences
Main Branch - Our people


Dr Boutros Yared
Phone: 05-463585 / 05-463584

Branch Secretary

Mrs Mouna Hanbali
 General Secretary
Phone: 05/463587

Head of Department

Dr Bechara Chahoud
 Head of Department of Essintial Sciences and Coordinator of Theoratical Courses
Phone: 05/463558

Dr Chawki Nohra
 Head of Surgery Department
Phone: 04/418303

Dr Jacques Mokhbat
 Head of Medicine Department
Phone: 01/217785

Dr Saad Khairallah
 Head of Alebattologia Department
Phone: 05/452052

Dr Ghassan Chehab
 Head of Pediatrics Department

Dr Antoine Haddad
Phone: 01/615320

Dr May Helou
 Head of Department of Anesthesia and Recovery
Phone: 05/953159

Dr Ghassan Hajj
 Head of Deparement of Gynecology and Obstetrics
Phone: 01/858559

Mrs Amal Ali Al-Khatteb
 Head of library
Phone: 05/467944 ext. 3080

Student Affair

Ms Jocline Aoun
 Head of Department of Student Affairs
Phone: 05/463581 ext. 3078

Mrs Lina Zahr
 Department of Student Affairs
Phone: 05/463581 ext. 3067

Mrs Rima ِAl-Shami
 Department of Student Affairs
Phone: 05/463581 ext. 3067

Mr Kamel Daher
 Department of Student Affairs
Phone: 05/463581 ext. 3052


Dr Salah Mansour
 Assistant Dean
Phone: 05/467942
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