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Faculty of Public Health
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Department Nutrition and Dietitics
Bachelor Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics  (License)

Training Introduction


The Bachelor's Degree Nutrition and Dietetics, taught in 3 years, aims to train:


- Specialists in nutrition and dietetics who have followed a 6-month hospital internship under the supervision of the University to obtain the license issued by the Ministry of Health in order to practice the profession;


- Public health educators for the prevention of nutrition-related non-communicable diseases (NCDs) in healthy people;


- Dietitians Nutritionists able to deliver nutritional care to people with pathologies or diets adapted to patients in hospitals;


- Dietitians trained to take care of athletes by optimizing their food intake and consequently their performance;


- Nutritionists able to evaluate and analyze the nutritional status of a given population in order to intervene in public health;


- Responsible of food service management able to manage each step of the food chain, development of menus, and ensure food hygiene and nutritional quality in the catering and food industry.


Career Opportunities


- Hospital Dietary Services (HCA);


- Private clinic;


- Institutional catering and foodservice;


- Food industry;


- Hygiene and quality control;


- Ministries;


- Sports clubs;


- Dispensaries;


- Associations;


- NGOs;


- Teaching and research.


Pursuit of Education


Professional Masters at the Faculty of Public Health:


- Human Nutrition;


- Formulation and Innovation of Nutraceuticals;


- Clinical Nutrition and Public Health.


Other Masters:


- Sports Nutrition;


- Food Technology;


- Hygiene and quality control;


- Food Service Management.

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