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Faculty of Information

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The Faculty of Information was founded on October 5, 1967, under the name of the “Institution of Press”, as a center for media development and media personnel training, pursuant to the decree number 11020, dated October 7, 1968. Then on March 24, 1975, the name of the institution was amended to become the “Faculty of Information and Documentation”.

On December 20, 2012, as per decree number 9586, the name “Faculty of Media and Documentation” was amended to become the “Faculty of Information”.

It is to be noted that the faculty has two branch campuses:

On April 20, 2016, upon the consent of the Lebanese University board, the establishment of a research center in the Faculty of Media was authorized; the research center includes the following divisions: The Department of Studies – The Department of Research and Documentation – The Center of Media Development and Media Personnel training

Admission Requirements:

1-Candidates must have the Lebanese High-School Diploma Part II (The Lebanese Baccalaureate), or its equivalent.

2-Candidates must complete successfully the written entrance examination conducted annually by the faculty.

Academic degrees awarded by the Faculty of Media:

The Faculty offers accredited degree programs for several majors, in addition to the Master’s degree program, as per the hereunder list. It should be noted here that this is a full-time study program that requires three years to complete according to the LMD system (six semesters)

License in:

1- Journalism and Communication Sciences

2- Public Relations and Corporate Communication

3 - Advertising & Marketing Communications

4 - Information Management

5 - Data Science

Professional Diploma in Journalism

Research Master:

1- Information and communication sciences

2- Francophone Press

Professional Master in:

1- Journalism and Communication Arts: Economic and Development Journalism - Health and environmental Journalism - Digital Journalism

2- Public Relations and Corporate Communication: Organisationnel Communication - Digital Communication

3- Information management sciences

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