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Institute of Social Sciences

The Institute of Social Sciences (ISS) was established in 1959 to serve the Lebanese institutions and society. It covers four governorates in addition to the capital Beirut, distributed on five branches besides the Deanship and the Research Center.

ISS aims at preparing and qualifying specialists in affairs related to social sciences, Lebanese society and the Arab, regional and global environment. It also works on developing authentic scientific research in the theoretical fields of social sciences.

ISS offers a Bachelor's degree in Social Sciences, and has recently developed its curricula and activated the role of coordinators in order to create a continuous dynamic in each of the Institute's majors.

In addition, the Institute created professional and research masters to meet the current and future market needs.

Professional Master:

- Sociology and Human Resources Management

- Economic and Social Administration

- Counseling and Psychological mentoring

- Engineering social and cooperative economy projects

- Socio-anthropology of the city

Research Master:

- Social and Economic Development

- Demography

- Social Psychology

- Sociology

- Anthropology

- Social Policies

The Institute works in the field of research master to develop laboratories in order to coordinate active scientific research on all levels: professors, students, local and international academic and research institutions, in addition to working with Lebanese community institutions.

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