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Institute of Social Science

 In the 14th century, the famous historian Ibn Khaldun came up with the first social theories, which are still used as a reference to understand human societies and the laws that govern them, even though social phenomena have become complex and complicated in recent centuries. The study of these phenomena did not become an independent science until the end of the 19thcentury and the beginning of the 20th century. During its early years, the Lebanese University has endeavored to create the Institute of Social Sciences. Its efforts succeeded in 1959. The institute currently has 4,117 students.

The Institute of Social Sciences covers four Lebanese provinces and the capital Beirut, through five branches, in addition to the Deanery and the research center. It serves to educate specialists in social sciences, as well as social affairs in Lebanon, the Arab region, and the wider region and the world. It also seeks to root scientific research in the theoretical aspects of social science. 

The Institute of Social Sciences grants the following diplomas:

-          Teaching Diploma in Sociology.

-     Master and Diploma of Thorough Studies in: Sociology of Knowledge and Culture - Sociology of Education - Sociology of Labor - Sociology of the Family - Sociology of Politics - Social Psychology - Socio-economic Development – Anthropology - Demography.

 Tayouneh Roundabout - Beirut

Tel: 00961 1 387 889

Fax: 00961 1 387 882

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