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Faculty of Pedagogy

 The Faculty of Pedagogy is the foundation of the Lebanese University, and was known as the High Teachers Institution when it was established in 1951, before being renamed the Faculty of Pedagogy in 1967. Its current number of students stands at 2327.

The Faculty includes two branches other than the deanery. Its mission is educating elementary and high school teachers, in addition to other pedagogic frameworks.

It grants Bachelor degrees in Education and Teaching Diplomas in different specialized majors, as well as Professional Master degrees:

-          Teaching Diploma at the Elementary Level in the following subjects: Arabic, English, French, Science, Mathematics, Social Studies and Early Childhood Education.

-          Bachelor degree in: Physical Education, Musical Education and Art Education.

-          Professional Master Degree in Teaching: Arabic Language and Literature, French Language and Literature, English Language and Literature, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Philosophy and Civilizations, Economics, Civil Education, History, Geography Sociology, Diflu, Educational Administration, School Couneling, Educational Supervision, Sports management, Specialized education, Educational Technology, Sport Management.


  Research Master Degree in Teaching: Arabic Language and LiteratureFrench Language and LiteratureEnglish Language and LiteraturePhysicsChemistryBiologyMathematicsPhilosophy and CivilizationsEconomicsCivil EducationHistoryGeography Sociology, Educational Administration, School Couneling, Educational Supervision, Educational Technology, Specialized Education, Sport Management.

For more details, please check the Faculty of Education Guide.


 Tahwitat fern chebek

Tel: 01/292981

Fax: 01/285130

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