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Faculty of Technology

   Technology originates from two Greek words (techné and logos) meaning the study of art, skills and craft. Its modern meaning is the study of tools and techniques, as the well as the practical knowledge achieved by science and its ability to use the available tools in all fields. The Faculty of Technology, formerly named "Institute of Technology" was established at the Lebanese University in 1996, in cooperation with France and the Hariri Foundation, to fulfill the work requirements and teaching conditions related to technology majors. It currently has 945 students, divided over its two branches in Abey and Sidon (Saida).


   The goal of the Faculty is preparing students to hold positions of technological nature, enter the job market effectively and competitively, straight after graduation. They can carry out applied research, thus fulfilling the need of work and production industries for top-notch professionals.


   The Faculty of Technology grants the following diplomas:

The Bachelor degree in the following majors:

Network Engineering and Telecommunication - Industrial Engineering and Maintenance - Civil Engineering (Buildings and Public Works, Applied Business Computer);


Master degree in Distributed Information Systems.





(+961) 7 750 190


(+961) 7 750 199


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