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Faculty of Economics and Business Administration
Branch 6


The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration was established in 1967 as the Faculty of Commerce and was renamed in 1970. The number of students enrolled in this Faculty stands at 7,640 today, divided across six branches, in addition to the Deanery.

This Faculty aims at developing highly skilled and specialized professionals in a field that has become the very backbone of modern life, as economies are now intertwined due to globalization. It is keen on establishing partnerships with enterprises from the public and private sectors, either for the purposes of cooperation and staff training or for student internships.

The Faculty of Economics and Business Administration grants the following degrees:

-The Bachelor and the Master Degrees in: Economics - Accounting and Auditing - Finance and Financial Institutions – Management – Marketing - Computer Management;

-The Master Degree in: International Economics and Finance - Financial Economics and Banking.







Rashayya, Rashaya-Hasbaya Main Road

Tel: 08/530358 - 08/530470

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