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Center of Language Sciences and Communication

   The Department of Language Sciences and Communication was created at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences of the Lebanese University in 2000 and became a Center under Decree No. 9775 dated 28 January 2013. It is one of the most advanced Middle Eastern centers qualifying students to learn language engineering, and broadens current horizons to the graduates to enter the labor market.


The Center provides internationally recognized diplomas:

- Bachelor of Comparative Language Engineering - Language Learning Engineering Course

- Designing Multimedia Educational Resources Diploma

- Professional Master: Language Industry and e-training

- Research Master: Applied Linguistic Informatics


The diploma helps to link competence with the use of technology in education and the design of e-learning methods. The Master’s diploma deepens the knowledge acquired in the Bachelor degree in all specializations of language sciences and communication. The Center receives limited number of students (following a CEE) from the Lebanese University and private universities in all specializations, including law, political sciences, media, the specializations of the Faculty of Sciences and Social Sciences.


Fields of work:

- Management of computer labs in schools

- Preparing and creating educational materials and integrating them into school programs

- Supervising the websites of education and remote training

- Developing and creating information programs for education and human sciences

- Converting printed books into electronic books (publishing houses)

- Developing and creating information-based search engines

- Training teachers on modern technologies

- Teaching languages (Arabic, French and English)

- Preparing electronic dictionaries

- Correcting and proofreading in various media

- Automatic translation (through software)


For more info: please refer to the Center’s webpage:



Beirut, Tayouneh, Kalot building, 6th floor


(+961) 1 384 132


(+961) 1 384 132




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