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4/2/2020 - The Lebanese University ranked third in Lebanon, according to WeboMetrics



Based on WeboMetrics Ranking Analysis 2017 - 2020, the Lebanese University (LU) ranked third in Lebanon in terms of its activity on the Internet via its websites and presence in research platforms.


According to the most recent evaluation and classification criteria, which included more than thirty higher education institutions in Lebanon, of which the results were released in January 2020, the Lebanese University was able to compete with other top universities by activating its websites, online pages, social medias and number of visitors, in addition to the quality of its well-indexed research in search engines.


Several indicators were the pillars to WeboMetrics analysis, including:

·         “Presence Rank” - LU improved 47 positions, because the Web page received more indexations in world search engines.

·         “Impact Rank” - LU improved 277 positions, because LU Web received more external “unique” links, LU branding increased on the WEB, and LU link was included more in international forms and external portals.

·         “Openness Rank” - LU improved 105 positions, after LU professors increased and provided access to publication of their papers.

·         “Excellence Rank” - LU improved 6 positions, because its quality publications are now fetched from Scopus and Web of Knowledge (ISI).


The foregoing means that the LU should focus on improving the last two indicators in order to achieve better results in the future.


It is noteworthy that the Lebanese University ranked in Webometrics last year among the four top universities in Lebanon and the top 25 universities in the Arab world in (QS World University Ranking - Arab Region 2020) hosted in the United Arab Emirates in October 2019.




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