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Entrance Exams for the Academic Year 2019-2020 to the different faculties of the Lebanese University.
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9/1/2019 - Dr. Suleiman Abu Lteif receives the highest international title in ophthalmology





He says: “The Lebanese University is the jewel in the crown”


Suleiman Abu Lteif, the Lebanese international ophthalmologist, summarizes his scientific journey between Lebanon, Belgium and Britain by stating: “The Lebanese University is the jewel in the crown.”


He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at the Lebanese University in 2003 and was recently awarded the “Royal College of Ophthalmologists”, the highest title in the field of ophthalmology in the world, after passing a number of oral and written tests. This achievement comes after obtaining the degree of "Surgical Retina Fellowship" from Moorfields Eye Hospital, the largest specialist NHS eye hospital and most sophisticated in the world.


Dr. Abu Lteif, who specialized in retinal diseases and surgery, received a membership and diploma from the Royal College of Ophthalmologists (RCOphth) in 2011. He gave a series of lectures at the Congress of the European Society of Retina Specialists (EURETINA) in Milan, Nice, Copenhagen and Vienna, and has several articles published in international medical journals.


Speaking about his scientific journey, Dr. Abu Lteif points out that the Lebanese University was his first gateway to the world. He says: "At this university, I built my first friendships with our fellow students and later with the professors. We were one family and I still communicate with everyone today. There is a great loyalty from the professors, students and staff at this University. A large number of my colleagues who are abroad want to return to Lebanon and teach at their National University as a gratitude and even without any return”.


Because he has a large family and friends back in his homeland Rashaya, Dr. Abu Lteif considers a "partial return" to Lebanon through a "seasonal clinic" to provide medical services to those in need, as required by the ethics of the profession and the loyalty to his countrymen (consultations, inspections and operations).


It is noted that the “Fellowship of the Royal Colleges of Surgeons (FRCS)” will be awarded to Dr. Abu Lteif at a special ceremony to be held in London in September.



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