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  Description des équipements techniques
Physics Materials

Function/Arbitrary  Waveform Generator  
  30 MHz sine, pulse and square wave outputs
  Sine, square, ramp, noise,sinc, pseudo random binary sequence and other waveforms
  pulse waveforms with variable rise/fall times
  16-bit, 250 MSa/s, 64K-point deep arbitrary waveform
  AM, FM, PWM and FSK  modulation types
  10 mVpp to 10 Vpp amplitude 
  Graph mode for visual verification of signal settings
  Remote Inteface USB 2.0, GPIB and ethernet 
  software for remote access 
  drivers for HpVee and Labview
Spectrum Analyzer 3 GHz  
  Spectrum analyzer, 3 GHz
  high resolution color screen
  Minimum non-zero span sweep time: < 10 ms
  Sensitivity DANL: -130 dBm
  Overall amplitude accuracy: ±1.5 dB, typical ±0.5 dB
  Built-in power measurements: channel power, OBW, ACP, SEM and TOI
  Remote access USB, GPIB and LAN interface
  remote control PC software
  Handle and Bumper
  AM/FM demodulation metrics
  user`s guide, printed
  ASK/FSK demodulation metrics
  data storage via USB flash disk
Digital Benchtop Multimeter  
  Digital multimeter, 5.5 digit
  120000 counts resolution
  MATH FUNCTIONS Null, dBm, dB, Min/Max/Avg, Hold, Limit Test
  16 measurement functions including temperature and capacitance
  0.025% DC voltage accuracy
  Remote Inteface USB 2.0, USBTMC-USB488 device class
  SCPI language compatible
  Comes with DMM Intuilink data logging software
DC power supply  
  Programmable DC power supply
  Dual output, dual range: 0-8V/ 3 A and 0-20V/ 1.5 A, 60 W. GPIB
  Remote Inteface USB 2.0, GPIB 
  drivers for  Labview
Digital Oscilloscope 150 MHz  
  Color Display, Touch Screen, 4 curves+ 4 references
  Number of Channels: 2
  Bandwidth 150 MHz
  Vertical Sensitivity: 2.5 mV -100V/div 
  Horizontal Sensitivity: 1ns to 200s/div
  Sampling frequency 1Gs/s in single shot
  Internal Memory for saving files (.BMP/ .GIF …) and set up
  Measurements:2 or 3 cursors &19 automatic measurements
  Mathematic functions real time FFT (Lin or Log scales) - Functions + , -, x
  PC communications :Local Ethernet 10MB , RS232(115Kbs maximum) 
Triple DC power supply  
  Dual output 0-30V / 0-3A
  Third output 5V / 5A
  Outputs serial or parallel
  Complete protection against short circuits
  Safety: IEC 61010-1 
  Frequency: 0.001Hz to 20.000 MHz
  5 digit display
  Amplitude: 1mV to 20.0 Vpp  
  Signal form: Sine / triangle / Square & “LOGIC” / TTL output
  Modes: LIN (Linear) OR log (Logarithmic)
  INT internal sweep:”Sawtooth “ or “Triangle” mode – Unlimited excursion between “F start” & “F stop”
  EXT external sweep 
  Internal & External AM modulation
  Internal & External FM modulation
  SHIFT K function  
  Internal & External BURST
  frequency meter: 5Hz to 100MHZ
  Storage / Recall of  configurations
Analogue, single and three-phase wattmeter  
  6 single-phase AC or DC voltage calibres from 60V to 480V
  4 balanced three-phase AC voltage calibres: 60V √3 to 240V √3
  1 intensity calibre: 5A AC/DC
  Utilisation frequency: 0 to 500 Hz
  Accuracy: 2.5% DC, 1% AC single-phase and 2% AC three-phase
TRMS three- and single phase digital wattmeters  
  DC or AC TRMS networks: balanced single-phase or three-phase
  Voltage, current, active/reactive/apparent powers and power factor measurements
  Bandwidth DC to 1 kHz
  Active power range 10 W to 1 kW – 1 kW to 6 kW
  resolution 0.1 W – 1 W
  Voltage Range  0.5 to 600 V RMS
  current range 10 mA to 2 A - 2 A to 10 A RMS
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Description des équipements techniques
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