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Faculty of Information

 The Institute of Journalism was established in 1967, and in 1974, it was renamed the Faculty of Information and Documentation. It eventually ended up as the Faculty of Information in 2014. Information is no longer restricted to printed press, even though it remains important. Information leveraged the communications revolution to spread through portable and non-portable devices, audio and visual, tangible and virtual, social and personal… All available means are now capable of spreading news, and each has its rules and principles.

As an excellent applied academic faculty, the Faculty of Information is keeping up with these developments, with curricula based on information sciences, technology, general knowledge and languages. It has around 1,772 students at present, divided over two branches and the deanery.

The Faculty of Information grants Bachelor and Master degrees in the following majors:

-    Bachelor degree in: Printing Journalism - Broadcast Journalism - Information and Library Management - Archiving -  Public Relations and Advertising;

-    Professional Diploma in Media Production;

-   Professional Master in: Radio and TV - Health and Environmental Journalism -  Economic and Development Journalism - Printing Journalism - Enterprise Management - Information Management;

        -   Research Master in Information and Communication Sciences.



Deanery:  Tayouneh Roundabout - Beirut - Tel:  01/384128 - Fax: 01/384128 - 01/384148

Branch 1: Unesco Palace Place - Beirut - Tel:  01/785427 - 01/791059 - Fax: 01/791059

Branch 2: Bouchriyeh - El Kassis - Tel : 01/899826 -

                   Fax : ext. 164

                     Website: www.fi2.ul.edu.lb

Branch 1 Branch 2
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