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Doctoral School of Literature, Humanities & Social Sciences

The Doctoral School accepts students who have completed a Master's Degree in one of its affiliated faculties. The Doctoral School does not have any teaching activity as it focuses on two main areas:

First, establishing a good relationship between students and the supervising professors via research teams in the relevant specialization. 

Second, giving students the opportunity to participate in activities that broaden their knowledge and research abilities. For example, organizing PhD Students' Days, research seminars, conferences and lectures, which are presented by the Doctoral School's professors in addition to visiting professors.

Based on these two priorities, research teams in all specializations were created at the Doctoral School and were assigned with the following tasks:

-           Present research axes in each specialization to help students develop their thesis topic proposal.

-           Discuss with students their chosen thesis topic.

-           Provide a final decision concerning the registration of their thesis proposal.

The Doctoral School accepts students and their thesis proposals in its doctoral program based on the principle of open, scientific and interdisciplinary study. For that reason, research teams are keen on collaborating among each other and on holding joint meetings with students from different specializations in order to expand the students’ interdisciplinary and complementary knowledge in the fields of literature, humanities and human sciences.


Professor Talal Atrissi

Dean, Doctoral School of Literature, Humanities and Social Sciences



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