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22/2/2019 - Cooperation Agreement between the Lebanese University and ITG Holding



The President of the Lebanese University, Prof. Fouad Ayoub signed a cooperation agreement with ITG Holding, represented by its Director General, Claude Bohsali, in the presence of Dr. Fouad Zmokhol, President of the Association of Lebanese Business People in the World (RDCL World), Dr. Zeinab Saad, Director General of the Office of Foreign Relations and Dr. Sélim Mekdessi, Director of the Mutual Fund on behalf of the Lebanese University.


The agreement aims to activate the cooperation between the Lebanese University and ITG Holding, in order to organize training courses, improve the professional skills and experience of the University students in the field of IT management, and use modern technologies that meet the requirements of the local and external labor markets. The cooperation will provide the University graduates opportunities to open up to research and innovation allowing them to compete and become creative and successfully establish and manage their own institutions.

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