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Entrance Exam
Entrance Exams for the Academic Year 2022-2023 to the different faculties of the Lebanese University.
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Lebanese University Online Learning
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Specializations for Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences - Branch 1, English Language and Literature (M1 / Sem 2):
Course Lecturer Action to take
INFO M1104
المعلوماتية التوثيقية(E) (Section A)
طارق الشل / Tarek Shal
Request to join
LANG M2104
Methodology of Language Teaching I(E) (Section A)
ميرا علم الدين / Mira Alameddine
Request to join
LANG M2106
Editing(E) (Section A)
يسرا مازح / Yousra Mazeh
Request to join
LANG M2107
Semiotics(E) (Section A)
لميس فانوس / Lamis Fanous
Request to join
LING M2100
Measurement, Assessment and Evaluation(E) (Section A)
ديانا هادي / Diana Hadi
Request to join
LING M2129
English for Specific Purposes(E) (Section A)
غادة شحيمي / Ghada Chehimi
Request to join
LITR M2121
Genres of Writing(E) (Section A)
ديانا هادي / Diana Hadi
Request to join
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