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Entrance Exam
Entrance Exams for the Academic Year 2020-2021 to the different faculties of the Lebanese University.
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Centre MINE: Data for Decision Making Seminar - for LU STAFF


What sorts of data might be necessary for higher education institutions to support their operations?  What is currently available? And what kinds of new data might be needed?


To answer these questions,

The faculty/staff of the Lebanese University are invited to join Centre MINE seminar organized by HECD, “Data for Decision Making Seminar:  Managing the Postsecondary Education to Workforce Pipeline” which is scheduled on Thursday 22nd October 2020 at 3:00 pm Beirut time.


Higher education institutions need data to inform their operations and ultimately report their progress. It is assumed that there are extant management information systems, which, in their design, focus on the exigencies of managing higher education institutions including student enrollments and their “flows” through the education process. An underlying premise of the seminar is that while preserving the systems’ original administrative objectives, the information contained in them may be repurposed around better understanding the flows of students through the institution and, in combination with other information resources, including new and yet-to-be-developed ones, into the labor market, the so-called “Postsecondary Education to Labor Market Pipeline”. The seminar will provide information about similar exemplary efforts, present some “lessons learned” and present the initial steps of a data integration strategy.


To help prepare for the seminar, Dr. Jay Pfeifer is providing us with one page briefer which includes some references that you may find informative (it will be shared with registered staff).


Target audience: Academic and Administrative Staff


Anyone interested can register by accessing the link below by Tuesday 20th October.


Places are limited; please do not register if you will not attend


Jay Pfeiffer, Presenter

Experience Related to this HECD Data Domain Effort

Florida Department of Labor – Policy Research Director: Employment and Training Programs Labor Market Information and Integrated Automated Student Follow-up System

Florida Department of Education – Deputy Commissioner: Placement Information Program, Student-Level Data Bases, Statewide P20 Education Data Systems and Unified Data System

Higher Education Development Project- Indonesia – External Consultant, Higher Education Development Project: 9 University Coalition- Job Placement and Career Development Information System

MPR Associates/RTI International, Berkeley – Project Director, Longitudinal data Systems, Consultancies: California, Texas; U.S. Department of Education Career and Technical Education, State Longitudinal Data System Program, Common Education Data Standards; Data Quality Campaign; Privacy Task Forces.

MGT of America – Project Director, Longitudinal Data Systems, Consultancies: Kentucky Career and Technical Education Planning Model for Assessing Occupational Supply and demand, Ohio Data Integration Career and technical Education, Tallahassee Community College Education Data Linkages.

Florida Senate: Consultancy: Unified, Public Accountability Reporting.

CALDER Center: Advisor, Research Governing Board

Georgetown University – Consultancies: State assistance in deploying and using combinations of education, labor, and workforce data

The Aspen Institute- Advisory Consultancy: Integrating education, labor, and workforce data to support performance improvement related to their national prize program.

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