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Publication of Professor Najwa Nasr’s Book: “THE PROPHET: Arabic and French Translations: A Comparative Linguistic Analysis”, Edition Librairie Du Liban Publishers, 2018



The book includes nine chapters in which Professor Nasr expertly compares the lexical items and the syntactic structures in a selection from the counsel "On Love” in The Prophet chosen from nine translations into Arabic and ten translations into French.


Dr. Najwa Nasr is a Professor of English Linguistics at the Lebanese University Doctoral College. She is a Senior Fulbright Scholar and a Salzburg Seminar alumnus with over 50 publications in Linguistics, Linguistics and Poetry, Phonology, TEFL, Translation, Lebanese Immigration Heritage, art critique, and Early Lebanese Immigrant Women. She holds a Ph.D. from Georgetown University.


She pioneered the first photo exhibition on Early Lebanese Immigrants to the USA “A Journey of Survival” – Beirut 1996, Participated in the New Lebanese National Curriculum—framework set-up and textbooks authorship, and in several local, regional, and international conferences on Linguistics, TEFL, Immigration, Translation, and Women’s issues. She is a member of several local, regional and international academic and cultural associations, academic boards committees, and was a member of the National Commission for Lebanese Women (2008-2017).


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