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Concours d'entrée aux différentes facultés de l'Université Libanaise pour l'année académique 2019-2020.
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Funding call for CBRL 2019-20 research awards is now open


CBRL Funding Opportunities


Our funding call for CBRL 2019-20 research awards is now open!


CBRL offers research grants for fellowships, project awards and travel grants. Select a scheme below for further details and information on how to apply or click here for general information about the variety of grants and fellowships that CBRL offers to support academic research in the Levant.


We look forward to receiving your application!

We are delighted to be offering the following research awards in 2019-20:



Post-Doctoral Fellowships Visiting Research Fellowships

These awards enable either early career postdoctoral candidates or established scholars in university posts to spend time in the Levant region to conduct primary research, develop contacts, give lectures, and write up project results/publications derived from a thesis/research.


Team-based Awards

These awards are for team-based fieldwork proposals within the Levant. Applications should be for strategic projects that will enhance the profile of UK research in the Levant and which offer the support and commitment of the applicant’s own institution. Awards will normally be up to £5,000.


Pilot Study Awards

This is an opportunity for postdoctoral scholars to undertake initial exploratory work or a feasibility study prior to making applications for major funding to a Research Council, the British Academy or another body. To be eligible under this scheme, a project must involve an element of travel to (or from) the Levant. Awards will normally be up to £7,500.  


Project Completion Awards

CBRL can assist in the completion of research projects. These could include support for additional analytical work, production of final publication manuscripts, completion project archives or repatriation of research materials.


Travel Grants

These awards cover travel and subsistence costs for students, academics and researchers undertaking reconnaissance tours or smaller research projects in the Levant. Awards are available for both PhD students and post-doctorate applicants of a value up to £800.


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