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ورشة عمل في المعهد حول استخدام برنامج الكتروني كاشف لمكافحة النسخ
نظم المعهد العالي للدكتوراه في الحقوق والعلوم السياسية والادارية والاقتصادية ورشة عمل تدريبية حول استخدام برنامج الكتروني كاشف لمكافحة النسخ في البحوث... (Read more...)

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Doctoral School of Law, Political, Administrative and Economic Sciences

   The Doctoral School of Law, Political, Administrative and Economic Sciences is one of the three doctoral schools that were created at the Lebanese University in 2007. The purpose was to develop the necessary research experience in scientific fields and grow competences in managing academic research. The number of students at the Doctoral School stands currently at 344.


   The Doctoral School aims at cementing the scientific culture and reinforcing behaviors based on innovation and quality, in accordance with the principles of scientific integrity and respect for intellectual property in the production, modernization, and spreading of knowledge. There is no doubt that improving the learning and teaching methods goes hand in hand with scientific research and the use of the latest techniques to spread knowledge and strengthen the competences of researchers.


   Furthermore, any developmental strategies targeting the foundation of the Lebanese society should undergo a dynamic process whereby analysis of these foundations is shared and suitable solutions to its problems are proposed. Therefore, the Doctoral School considers that one of its basic missions is to establish a solid base for scientific research and publish innovative studies and articles in its various fields of specialization. This naturally goes in accordance with the traditions of the Lebanese University, which has a noticeable weight in the scientific fields. Moreover, in order to strengthen the presence of the Lebanese University and transform it into a cultural and scientific hub, scientific communication should be ensured and facilitated, as well as sharing expertise and knowledge.


An open-minded environment should also be created to foster cooperation with other universities and research centers inside and outside Lebanon.


The Doctoral School of Law, Political, Administrative and Economic Sciences grants the following diplomas:


The Lebanese Doctoral Degree and the Diploma of Habilitation to Supervise Research (HDR) in the following majors:


- Law

- Political & Administrative Sciences

- Economic Sciences

- Business

- Tourism.



Sin el Fil – Naaman Abou Sleiman Building


(+961) 1 496 817


(+961) 1 487 918


(+961) 1 486 961


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