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27/7/2020 - Will the project "From Waste to Energy" of the Lebanese University Graduates reach Lebanon?



"From Waste to Energy", is a strategy according to which a team of graduates of the Lebanese University - Faculty of Engineering (Branch 2, Mechanical Engineering), provided a low-cost solution to the problem of fossil fuels by converting organic waste into an effective source of energy.


The idea began with Dr. Maroun Nemr and Dr. Haitham Al Sayyah in 2017 at the “Center for Energy Efficiency of Systems (CES) MINES ParisTech” and was developed and implemented in 2018 with the assistance of Dr. Rami Khadra and Dr. Christelle Bou Malham in “CryoCollect” in cooperation with “Verdemobil Biogaz” owned by the Lebanese Philippe Khairallah in France.


Dr. Al Sayyah, Dr. Khadra and Dr. Bou Malham, who hold a PhD in Construction & Energy Engineering from Mines ParisTech, have also developed a technology to extract and purify carbon dioxide with the aim of recycling and using it during the production of biomethane or biogas.


The French government supported the Lebanese team and allowed its production to be marketed and expanded to include several regions of the country, as part of its efforts to move to environmental and renewable alternatives in the field of energy, based on the “Paris Agreement” signed in 2015.





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