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9/7/2019 - A new research conducted by Professor Tayssir Hamieh of the Lebanese University and published in “Scientific Reports”


The international journal “Scientific Reports” approved the publication of a scientific research conducted by Professor Tayssir Hamieh, lecturer at the Lebanese University - Faculty of Sciences (Branch 1) and director of the MCEMA Research Lab of the Faculty.


The research entitled “New solution of the partial differential equation of the grain groove profile problem in the case of evaporation or condensation” will be published in the coming days. Professor Hamieh conducted the research as a visiting researcher in collaboration with professors from the French Institute of Science and Technology for Transport, Development and Networks (IFSTTAR) in Versailles, France.


Professor Hamieh points out that many researches have been published, but they have not reached the desired results in terms of prolonging the life of the chips used in various electrical and electronic equipment. He adds, “All scientific studies in this field were based on the Mullins theory published in a scientific journal in 1957 and on the proposal of a differential mathematical equation of the fourth degree”.


After studying the Mullins theory, Professor Hamieh proved an error in the hypothesis and proposed a new mathematical solution to this dilemma that will be soon published in one of the publications of the international magazine “Nature”. 



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