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13/5/2019 - Creation of the Lebanese University - Office of Communication & Information, a pathway of productivity


Communication, in all its forms and media, has become a key element in the process of productivity. In order to reflect objectively the reality of the Lebanese University, to bring together all its branches and publish its achievements, the University Council established recently the Office of Communication & Information at the Lebanese University – Central Administration reporting directly to the University Presidency.


The internal and external functions of the Office are summarized by:

·         The supervision and update of the University website content;

·         The news coverage of all the Faculties and Institutes via the website, the University Facebook page, and their translation into French and English;

·         The creation of an archive to maintain the University data.


The Office of Communication & Information cooperates with the digital media, follows up the calendar of annual activities and contributes to the production of University introductory publications, in addition to the other tasks entrusted thereto by the University President.


In a decision issued by the President of the Lebanese University, Prof. Fouad Ayoub, Dr. Hoda Moucannas was appointed as the General Coordinator of the Office. Dr. Moucannas is a tenured professor at the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences – Center of Languages and Translation, holding a PhD in Linguistics, Semiotics and Communications from the Franche-Comté University in France. She is also a member of the Scientific Board of the Doctoral School of Literature, Humanities and Social Sciences at the Lebanese University.


Dr. Moucannas was appointed between 2011-2014 as Director of the Center of Languages and Translation - Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences and was assigned to teach in universities in Algeria as part of the Doctoral School of Translation project, in cooperation with the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs. She was hosted as a research professor in the French universities of Montpellier, Lyon, and Bordeaux between 2008 and 2012.


Between 2010 and 2014, Dr. Moucannas was adopted as the Speech Translator of the President of the Lebanese Republic (into Arabic & French), and was honored the Spanish Order of Civil Merit by His Majesty, Felipe VI of Spain in 2015.


The Office is composed of:

§  Sahar Alhaddad and Nadine Kallas: Data Management and News & Information Publication.

§  Ruba Hamieh: Media & News Editing.

§  Diala Ismail and Salma Nohra: Arabic, French & English translation

§  Dany Badran: Multimedia Engineering

§  Chadi Sfeir: Programming




Landline: (+961) 1 612 588 - Ext.: 7324 


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