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Entrance Exams for the Academic Year 2019-2020 to the different faculties of the Lebanese University.
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7/2/2019 - فاطمة كحيل: الرحلة إلى "الشمس" بدأت من علوم الفيزياء في "اللبنانية"



The Lebanese student Fatima Kahil earned her honorary degree with distinction for her PhD dissertation submitted at the Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research at the University of Göttingen, Germany.


She began her scientific journey from the Faculty of Sciences at the Lebanese University. She completed her bachelor's degree in physics in 2012, continued her joint master's degree in astrophysics between the University of Saint Joseph and NDU, and then moved to Germany to pursue her PhD in solar physics.


Fatima Kahil's doctoral dissertation, which will be published in one of the most important German scientific journals in April, examines small solar magnetic elements and their impact on changes in solar radiation and its reflection on the planet's climate.


While Fatima was preparing for her PhD, two of her research papers were published in two international scientific journals.


Fatima’s wishes is to return to Lebanon, to activate the astronomy and solar physics specializations at the Lebanese University, because the students and the community have the right to benefit from these life sciences, so as not to remain exclusive to private universities, as she said.


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