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22/1/2019 - Batoul Yaacoub, a student at the Lebanese University, wins an international painting award




Batoul Yaacoub won the drawing competition organized by Changemaker International and Hult Prize in Beirut late last year. Batoul, the only winner in the competition, is pursuing her Master’s degree in English Literature in the Deanship of the Faculty of Letters and Human Sciences at the Lebanese University. She received a prize of $ 5,000 for a live painting, in which she embodied what troubles her the most in Lebanon, which is the “String-Pulling” obscuring many opportunities for those who deserve it.


Regarding the details of her painting, Yaacoub says: “I painted 3 backgrounds in a "Pharmacy":

§  Background 1 depicts a pharmacist reading a prescription;

§  Background 2 depicts the prescription, in which "Vitamin W", i.e. "vitamin Wasta" (String-Pulling vitamin) was written in the Lebanese colloquial language;

§  Background 3 shows signs of surprise on the face of the pharmacist after reading the prescription.


Yaacoub began to practice the art of drawing in 2015 on a YouTube application, and she is trying to develop her talent with the aim to participate in international exhibitions.



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