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24/9/2018 - The Russian Embassy Affirms the Authenticity of the Rector's Diploma

Translated from: National News Agency | September 24, 2018



The Embassy of the Russian Federation in Lebanon issued a statement on the legality of the PhD in Forensic Medicine held by the President of the Lebanese University, Dr. Fouad Ayoub, asserting that he is a Specialist of forensic medicine, namely in Gender Identity Definitions, and that his scientific methods are being taught in Russian universities and institutes.

The Embassy also declared that, on the basis of the decision of the Higher Attestation Commission of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Russia issued on 19 November 1993, Dr. Fouad Hussein Ayoub was awarded a doctorate in forensic medicine, which is Major No. 14-00-24.

The Embassy confirms that “the Russian Academy of Sciences is proud of Dr. Fouad Ayoub and asks the relevant Lebanese media and agencies not to communicate inaccurate and unreliable information”.


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