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Faculty of Information

The field of information and telecommunications is perhaps one of the scientific and academic domains that have witnessed the most remarkable transformations since the advent of the twenty first century. Modern technologies introduced in this field revolutionized our way of life, changing the approach to communication and the role of media and telecommunications.

We, at the Faculty of Information, are concerned with the following issues:

-How can the Faculty of Information, in this age of knowledge and information, keep up with the digital revolution that is still changing societies in every possible way?

-How can it keep abreast of the transformation in different journalism and telecommunication careers, and successfully anticipate upcoming changes in the workplace?

-What changes in culture and mindset are required for journalists to continue their role as leaders of thought and fulfill their mission as an active social power?

As the role of the media and telecommunications become more diversified in society, and as journalism gains more power of in our daily life, the telecommunications applications introduced by the digital revolution meant that information is no longer restricted to journalists and that publicity is no longer controlled by the advertisement industry. This raised the professional and ethical challenges faced by faculties of information and telecommunications.

The Faculty of Information at the Lebanese University, established in 1967 as the Faculty of Journalism, is in continuous development to uphold its leading role in Lebanon and the Arab world, at both the academic and professional levels. It keeps on upholding human values, chiefly the protection of personal freedoms and civil liberties. It is still serving the interests of the people and the country by providing the best possible education to its students.


Dean of the Faculty of Information

Geryes Sadaka

Branch 1 Branch 2
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