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Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture

The mission of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture is to:


1- Enable the achievement of all students enrolled in the fields of education, knowledge and art;


2- Prepare the students on the artistic and scientific levels;


3- Provide the students with expertise and scientific, methodological, technical and artistic bases to become creative in the various disciplines of the Faculty;


4- Allow the students to spread the artistic and architectural culture in the society, while enhancing the cultural openness and expanding the scientific, cultural and artistic cooperation with the outside world.


The Faculty aims to achieve cooperation and consultation with public and private administrations, institutions and bodies in order for the teaching to become compatible with the actual needs of the labor market and the development of those needs, and to secure employment opportunities for graduates. It also seeks to organize, coordinate and encourage national architectural and art research and studies, and comparative arts studies, and encourage members of the Teaching Staff and graduate students to carry out these researches and publish them.


The Faculty organizes artistic conferences aimed at drawing on the arts expertise and achievements of the leading artists and architects, and making constructive recommendations that lead to the upgrading of fine arts and architecture. It cooperates with higher education institutions that deal with arts and architectural studies; organizes various arts and architectural competitions and exhibitions; participates in international arts and architectural conferences and activities; provides training courses for the public and private sectors in the Faculty artistic fields and contributes to the development of graduates and emerging institutions from the architectural and artistic aspects.


Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts and Architecture


Dr. Mohamed Husni El-Hajj

Branch 1 Branch 2 Branch 3 Branch 4 Restoration Center Urbanism Department Landscape Architecture and Environment
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